6 Things Gold & Silver Investors Should Focus On

There are no ‘goldbugs’ at PRECIOUSMETALTAX.com; we’re rational people seeking to avoid losses on our hard-earned savings from the destruction of currencies by central bankers. Like us you probably have already figured out compelling reasons to own precious metals. (If

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Top 5 precious metal friendly countries

Most precious metal investors are not coin collectors or gold standard fanatics. They simply want to convert their ounces when the time is right into something useful. Such as: Income producing assets like a business, real estate, or an interest-bearing deposit

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Looming crisis for Comex spot gold price?

Many goldbugs believe a crisis is brewing at the Comex and eventually one or both of the following are inevitable: (1) default on delivery of gold (Comex contracts are technically contracts for delivery though rarely exercised as such); (2) the

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US capital gains tax

The US Internal Revenue Service (IRS) levies up to 28% tax on capital gains from precious metal investments. State and local taxes can increase this further to almost 40%. Physical gold and silver in any form is considered the same

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Australia: taxation of gold and silver

Now that the two main drivers supporting the Australia economy have stumbled (property and mining) – and the Australian dollar taken a beating – there is renewed interest in precious metals Down Under. Australian gold investors are having a fantastic

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Internationally transporting your gold and silver

Maybe you have re-located and changed your country of tax residency, or maybe you picked up some coins abroad, or perhaps you decided to store some coins in a safe deposit box in Singapore, or Panama, or wherever. Whatever the

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How to avoid VAT on silver coins

Precious metal investors within the European Union (EU) may pay a value-added tax (VAT) on silver bar and coin purchases. However there is little uniformity in VAT rates or how this tax is applied. Confusing things further is the existence

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Inflation – the biggest tax of all

It’s pretty obvious that printing money destroys its purchasing power. If the currency you use as money is being debased, a unit of it buys less and less stuff over time. What previously cost 1,000 now costs 100,000 etc. So

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