[Last updated January 2015]

There are endless doom & gloom merchants out there peddling their “end is nigh” story. We cut through the clutter and present our recommendations for every serious precious metal investor. Enjoy.


Currency Wars

James Rickards dispenses with the spin and noise and lays out exactly how the world’s monetary system really works. Currency Wars reads like a thriller laying bare the utter mess that is the world’s current monetary system. Rickards also suggests the possibility of a “90% windfall tax” on precious metals held by US citizens.

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Flash Boys

A look inside the “sausage-making machine” of High-Frequency trading. Why anyone still invests with the big banks surely is one of life’s great mysteries. An easy read perfect for vacation, nevertheless a deadly accurate exposé of another Wall Street scam.

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The Creature from Jekyll Island

Someone once said the US Fed is as much a government agency as FedEx – and about as accountable too. G. Edward Griffin’s 1998 tour de force is an absolute must read if you want to understand the ultimate bail-out machine, the US Federal Reserve.

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The Gold Cartel

Gold is the anti-matter of central banking. Any intelligent person with the slightest interest in the gold price knows it’s manipulated. But because of the pathological secrecy of central banks and opacity of futures markets, there’s never been a smoking gun. Until now…

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Tomorrow’s Gold

Classic read for all contrarians by Marc Faber. Takes an expansive historical view of economic cycles and puts the present into this broader context. Faber says hard assets are cheap, financial assets expensive.

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Gold wars

One of the least known, but certainly one of the best History-of-Money books out there. Connects the dots between liberty and sound money from a Swiss perspective. Start with “End the Fed” by Ron Paul first, then read this.

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End the Fed

Ron Paul pulls no punches here. This is a short and easy read about how the Fed is in cahoots with bankers and politicans to rip you off. Solution: audit, dismantle, and jail time for some.

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Paper Money Collapse

Detlev Schlichter demolishes one by one every tired old cliché against using gold to underpin the monetary system. Then, with ruthless logic shows how the present system of ‘elastic money’ will inevitably collapse in on itself. Paperbugs watch out!

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Paper Promises

Philip Coggan covers much of the ground Currency Wars (Rickards) does but from a refreshingly British viewpoint. Coggan is neither a goldbug nor a paperbug but rather calls the present situation like it is – the end of the road with a huge self-inflcted debt problem and no easy way out.

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The Crash Course

The unsustainable debt loads in the ponzi scheme known as the world’s monetary system is part (perhaps the primary driver) of a broader set of unsustainable behaviours. This isn’t doom & gloom stuff, there’s lots of positive actionable ideas.

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Planet Ponzi

An entertaining read perfect for vacation or long flight. From the back cover, “..the greatest Ponzi scheme in history approaches its final death rattle. Politicians have stood by and watched the financial industry create a massive overhang of debt, [and] a mountain of low quality assets”. Says it all really.

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Four Horsemen

One of the best of the many documentaries examining the causes and consequences of the financial panic of 2008. Period.

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Inside Job

Shines a light on the global financial crisis circa 2008-to-?. Entertaining but a bit light on answers or actionable solutions. Won an Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature.

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End of the Road

More serious than “Inside Job” this documentary is packed full of interviews with trusted, credible and famous experts.

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